$CODX FYI this is Dwight at the 28th Plant & Animal Genome conference from Jan 2020 discussing their partnering w LGC Sciences and Bayer; one day after Bayer presented some of our Coprimer data at that same conference. I remember quite a few years back I was one of the youngest guys to get promoted where I work and wjen talking w an older guy who took a liking to me and actually would call me, "Junior", he congratulated me and said, "Wow, you really stepped in some Sh*+ kid." I dont like to curse, but those were his words, which originate from, "you stepped in ishhh and Still came out smelling like a Rose." I may just leave my money here and watch Dwight execute over the next year or 2 and see if he can capitalize or sell the tech to Bayer or license it out in various forms and fashions generating substantial revenue streams or an all out sale to a Big player in the Bio Pharma space Codx πŸ’©.....🌹 Btw im still pissed! How u say 50m in sales yet announce 3rd qtr closed at 51 rev?!?
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