$IDEX brooo lfgoooooo! 3 days of healthy new base. China back to work. Deals all getting kicked over the goal line. Q1 has deliveries, Q2 will have a shit ton. Q3 and Q4 will Rip your revenue and profit faces off. Tree IPO straight to shareholders wallets in 6-8 months. Reverse split fears will be gone once we are over a buck in a week or so. Then shorts will start to close out. But wait there are 7.1 million shares held short? So you’re saying they have to buy? And wait now the float is locked up? Fackkk. And then the R2k funds will have to rebalance and add back all those shares they sold? Damn. This is what causes fast violent moves upward. IMO, investment of a lifetime. I will tell my grandkids about this one day as they stare at their phones on my yacht while I reminisce. Give me 10-12 dollars by end of the year. Then reach for 20 bucks by end of Q1 2021 before a forward split.
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