$ONTX TIMING IS EVERYTHING! You are entering at the start of a LONG bull run!! The company missed deadlines in the past which forced dilution to fund the studies longer. They now have cash THROUGH Q1 of 2021. ONTX had 75% enrollment in March. OVER 90% enrollment in November, and 16 new clinical sites in Brazil means we are likely close to 100% enrollment! Expecting an update this week. The study requires 288 death events. In September they EXCEEDED 75% of this number. My guess is they will reach 288 by April or May and then they can release the Phase-3 results. Expecting an update this week. Years of waiting and FINALLY the study is wrapping up!! Should be just the start of a nice run into Phase-3 data. STRAP IN FOLKS, gonna be a nutty next few months!!
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