@mrinvestorpro Hello, sir. No idea if this message reaches you or read at all. I dare. I graduated 3 months ago for Dutch medicine and have had quite a turbulent year. I took subbatical to clear everything in my head. Anyway, that side. I first studied this site for 2 months and try to understand the nasday. My first investment was JAGX, based on your allert. A day later, lost 25% of my portfolio. Probably a beginner's mistake of mine. Can you explain to me when I need to get in on your alerts somewhere? Or can I just transfer 3000 euros to you that you invest for me with the fee you want, of course? I find it interesting to find out for myself, but my first entry point is quite daunting. i love risky. I'd love to hear from you if you have time. Monday I believe memorial day in the USA. So enjoy it! BTW I like the way you talk to people. Respectful and honest. I also have the same dog as you but that aside haha.
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