$BE $BLDP $CHPT $THCB $CLNE It’s very simple… If these type of companies don’t see massive growth very soon, then everything is screwed. Climate change and pollution is killing this planet and we’re two minutes to midnight. Stocks, financial systems, property and so forth: everything will collapse if the issues are not or insufficiently addressed. Europe is way ahead of the USA or even China for that matter. But everyone needs to be on board or these endeavours will be futile. Therefore, you cannot possibly lose by investing in solid renewables companies. Or at least, you cannot lose more than on any other stock. The oil majors are trying to step in but they’re obviously too late, had their chance and are corrupted - they must make room for the new order. Is this the reason for the negative trend or is it hedge funds wanting short term gains at any cost? Or is the USA under attack by foreign capital? It does not matter. Without exponential growth in renewables, all is lost.