$DS $DS is An amazing Stock & only competitor to top golf inthis huge market of golf meets tech with food & beverage!!! What’s not to love ❤️ ✅ Insiders buying & own 11% of float. (Only 67m shares outstanding) ✅ President Opened up with Top Golf over 20 locations & CEO of top 500 companies before joining Drive Shack ⛳️ ✅ 4 locations built since 2018 & another 4 core locations being developed(Picture of core.) ✅ Golf is a social distancing Sport 🚨 ✅ 1.5 million burn rate monthly with around 17million cash in hand. ✅ very minimum debt, they sell their traditional golf fields to convert to Core(Picture) ✅ Building 50 “The Puttery “ locations by 2023 the first 2 open up 2021( the Puttery- Modern day Spin to mini golf with food & beverage & rotating DJ. Each location will bring in 2-4 mill could bring more. Check it out 💰 $ELY $SPY $IVR