@denvershow I agree. I am super bullish on this. It’s up to KDA to move up now. We always follow them. Would be nice to move up without KDA at this point. Either way I’m bullish on both
@YoYoTrades @denvershow idk if that’s necessarily true. Kadena was at $26 & FLUX traded at 2.50-3 area Kadena is trading around $18 & FLUX still trading at $2. Looks like it’s holding stronger then most ppl think. Also understand, they now have 2300 node operators which is a milestone hit today. In order to operate a node they have 3 tiers.. Cumulus 10k of FLUX NIMBUS 25k of FLUX Stratus 100k of FLUX. All tiers pay more in residual income running a node.. so the more popular the Network gets & more builders. They’ll need more nodes running & the nodes will get paid more on the tier. All I’m saying is ppl will buy enough FLUX in order to run nodes which would make the price stay strong or appreciate more!