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    Eduardo Frid Joined Mar 15, 2010

    Trading Futures and Equities since the 90's, Registered CTA since 2009.


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      pedro puente
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      Oscar Carboni
      I have been trading and analyzing charts since 1982. Was a member and floor trader for years on the NYMEX / COMEX Metals / Energy exchanges. Currently I run a live free Trading Room offering real ltrading recommendations in both commodities and stock
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      Eric Nelson
      Been trading since the mid 90's - Trade the futures mainly the ES and the Euro/6E
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      Peter Bissinger
      Investor /Trader Multistrategy and mulitple time frames.
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      CME Group Official Account
      The world's most diverse financial marketplace made up of CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX and KCBT. Follow us for global economic and financial news.
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      Terry Bergstedt
      Wall Street Alumni
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      Phil Pearlman Official Account
      Marketing Director, Bank of the Ozarks
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      Bill Blogs
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      Manic Trader
      Day Trader, Web site owner and Founder of ManicTraders LLC. I love to chart stocks and post picks for members and alerts at no charge.. I am neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. For a Full Disclaimer
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      Option Gal
      $ES_F, $CL_F, and currency futures, mostly $6E_F. Some forex too. Not so much into the options anymore, but the name has stuck...