last night i saw something on my chart which gave me confidence in this $BTC.X trade setup. i spotted it from a mile away, and today we're about to hit my first upside target. there are very few who agree with my idea right now, but i am going to share it anyways. i usually take the side of the unpopular opinion, and i see the stars aligning perfectly tonight for this beautiful setup. buy this 0.618 pull back for this sub-wave 2 at 30,900. the organic wave 3 target of this wave (a) = 38.7k, but i have reason to believe that we are going to see an extended 3rd all the way up to 44.6k due to short capitulation. manage your profits at 38.7k if we get there \ buy the bullish retest of that level if we break above it. will be back with more if this plays out. stops on the other side of the local gz. bullish invalidation = 29305.00 break below level of invalidation, and look out below. ----- tltr: buy = 30,900 sell = 38,700 stop = 38,400 -----