$PSHG up 40% yesterday and up 20% earlier today as you can see every gap down like when it came down from $3 will eventually lead to a huge gap back up. That’s just how stocks work. Look at that AMAZING BIG JUICY gap. Get ready for it to fill the gap! Stocks these days are different now. 2,000% gains is the norm in a day. $PSHG has $146 million in assets 6 oil tankers. Millions in revenue. Low 20 million float buy only $9 million market cap! Oil shipping rates went from $35,000 per day to $350,000 per day due to Russia supple demand. Institutions just invested millions of dollars into $PSHG last week. Just one of their ship is worth $40 million is 4 times their market cap! They have 6 ships. Easy 20X! Oil has a 10 year cycle. The last cycle was in 2010 the super cycle just started! $HKD $AMTD $GME