If $SPAQ chooses $HCAC skateboard then Canoo will need to revise growth estimates even higher unless they already accounted on getting Fisker? But that will piss off Volkswagen which was counting on making easy money selling its skateboard to Fisker. Hyundai already has invested in Canoo's skateboard and its plans are to use HCAC skateboard for its EV's. Go to my EV Revolution 2020-2025 blog pots for further information. See also $SHLL which is expected to merge on the 28th.
$SPAQ How about if Fisker uses Canoe's ($HCAC) skateboard and Velodyne's (GRAF) Lidar and free with purchase a 20% discount card for Tattooed Chef (FMCI) product and a $1000 sign-up bonus to Golden Nugget (LCA). Did I miss anything else?
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