$NIO Nice. I also hit big on CRON got in at 3 bucks sole a little to early at 12 but it hit 25 back down to 6ish again CRON is very close to being a play again.
$NIO $NIO I'm going to share my story of how I made %2000 investing in Canadian mj and maybe try to save some bears some $$$. I bought Canopy in Dec 2015 at $2.87 CAD. I found a new emerging disruptive sector and invested before the herd came in. I watched the stock go from $2.80s to $17, down to $6, then up to just under $50, back down to $30ISH, then all the way up $75 ( I sold just under $60 on legalization week OCT 2018). I see a similar opportunity here with NIO. An emerging disruptive sector, with government backing. The Chinese market already accounts for more than half of global EV sales. The Chinese government is backing NIO owning a minority stake. They've already invested about $1.5 BILLION in NIO and they're not as short sighted as the bears. This set up is VERY similar to when I got into cdn mj. God give me the patience to just hold my shares through the noise for a few years once again. By the time NIO cars are in Europe and North America I've made another %2000!
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