$WTRH I actually tossed my computer this morning after we dumped - legitimately lifted it up and threw it at the floor. I was so fucking angry. It makes NO sense what is happening and I am tired, I am frustrated, and I want to exit and take all my money with me. What I am missing out in other positions by keeping my capital tied up in this dumpster fire is unreal. And with that being said..I now KNOW the reversal is here. Last time I felt this way was before we ripped past the 2s, past the 3s, and into the high 4s. That and I believe today played out the July 1 scenario, coming off the June 30 support line we touched yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if they release prelims tomorrow either. I have a feeling Carl despises the scum of the fucking earth shorts as much as I do. Good luck everyone. Everything will be ok.
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