$ZOM Let’s Build Momentum for Zomedica Investorshub is an old school Stock Board I made $$$,$$$ finding trending stocks there for free investorshub.advfn.com/Zome... We need to get our Board Active like $TSLA $SPY $IWM Make an account, Post Finding, Ideas, What you think, Answer and reply to members asking questions, post whatever you want that has to do with Zomedica. Bear & Shorts are welcome. iHub has ton is user with 20/30+ experience, there’s tons of tools and information about different companies there. Their Trending Breakout board is an easy money tool for me. I check it 3/4 times a day. You want Zomedica to get its sparkle back quicker and we need to show and prove our board there our investors interests, because Stocktwits just sell its data our opinions to the Market Makers. @Citsecurities & @VirtueFinancials Don’t believe me checkout the Tesla DD & BTC DD boards there, they made people tons of cash on Tesla and #BTC $BTC.X
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