$LCID Here's how I see it. As many of us recall, CCIV crashed and burned us on February 23rd. From that point on the damn security hasn't been able to get on its feet, despite positive catalyst after positive catalyst. In fairness to Lucid, I'm willing to give the company time and space to run. Surely, by late February 2022 the company should be turning out vehicles in sufficient quantity as well as executing their other oft stated plans such that the share price is closer to last February's high point than the current "stuck in the mud" low to mid 20s. Yes, I comprehend that by 2025 or 2030 the stock should soar. Unfortunately, many of us haven't the ability to hold our breath that long. So if by late next February the stock is still "stuck" I'm gonna be forced to bail. Life is too short to sit on an egg that takes years and years and YEARS to hatch.