$AMC I just like the next AMC holder want for this to blow up. However, if something like even 10k/share happened it would be a massive wealth transfer.That’s why I don’t think a 100k or 500k could ever happen. If it did, it would break the system and the 1%, actually, let’s call it .001%, that would have to foot the bill and would not allow that. They (the .001%) are going to continue to pull some fuckery just like they have been doing for as long as The stock market has existed and will silence all of us. The cool part is that I just like many of you am willing to lose it all, albeit my amount is relatively small. And that number is growing every day .I’ll either sell at a very high multiple or hold for ever. I hold 187 shares for $3200. I am bullish on AMC’s business model tho. And I think there is a ton of pent up demand. This is not financial advice