$AMC - I’m telling y’all they’re gonna run this up Tuesday/ Weds to try to get people out of their calls cheap. Then they may be able to drop again and bring it back up to get you to sell your shares out of fear! That’s their only weapon.. FEAR! There is a big possibility for gamma squeeze next week. Then the week of Jan 28th it’s game ON! That will be the start of the MOASS IMO! That’s why they are trying everything they can to get you to sell before then. Jan 28th will be 🔥 Hold your shares!! I hope you bought as many as you could today. Gotta hold through it all to get what you want. Don’t let fear get the best of you. With that being said.. Good Luck, and God Bless you all! I’m holding for all of you, just like I promised almost a year ago! 🦍🦍❤️🔥