I'm sorry but is this our new norm? Would you seriously be proud in leading the number of cases in COVID? Are you really that ignorant to what's happening on a global level? Please tell me I'm not reading this right is this jackoff is saying, "Best of all, we will BEAT CHINA IN TOTAL CASES" of COVID ending the quote in the most racist and derogatory manner. People like you are why are leading the number of cases in this pandemic. You should be ashamed..
$SPY $SBUX $NVDA $AAPL alright idiots. Jpowell says he has unlimited tricks as well as QE to pump the market. Donald says we’re back to work by Easter, and we’re gonna get $1200 each as soon as they sign this stimulus!!! Plus NYC has beat the majority of the world in number of Covid-19 cases! THATS JUST ONE STATE. Not to mention our unemployment #’s were DOUBLE what they projected! And best of all, we will BEAT CHINA IN TOTAL CASES and they created this virus!!! 4th Green Day coming soon tomorrow
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