$TWTR Book Burners....who's next? Washington Post, New York Times? Madonna and Kathy Griffin can post any type of content and not a word. Joe Biden legislation put more minorities in prison than any other law ever enacted, was on the wrong side of history on NAFTA, killing OBL, sending 3 BILLION DOLLARS to the Iranian Mullahs to fund real terrorists in killing American soldiers. This election will be viewed historically as the greatest coup d'etat in history. That said, Joe Biden possibly the best negotiator in history!!! Hunter Biden the most impressive progeny of any politician's kid ever!!! If DJTs kids had been remotely implicated, prison would be a given. HB makes Tony Soprano look like, well, Joe Biden. DJT has accomplished more in one term, with Congressional headwins, than any other first term President EVER. Democrats will pay dearly. This nation was not founded in talks over the kitchen table. They fought like madmen and you should be glad they did!
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