$MICT Sooooo, it’s Saturday night, the girlfriend is with her family, dogs are sleeping, friends are with their families, so what do I do? I hop on here. 🤓 Let’s see what we can talk about. Hmmm, how old is everyone and how long have you been investing for? I’m 29 and I’ve been investing/trading for 8 years. OR we can mention the opportunities we’ve had to invest in certain companies that skyrocketed and we either did, but sold early and missed the train or we didn’t end up investing because we got scared and kissed the train. I missed one opportunity. #1. Ticker symbol PLYZ (OTC). I was going to invest $10,000 in the company. I went to their location in Toronto and when I got there, their building was pretty dilapidated and broken down. So, I ended up saying screw it and as an investor, I was not pleased with what I saw or heard later on. I was going to invest when it was at $0.0001 and it ran three days later to $0.0064. 🤦🏼‍♂️