$MICT Ladies and lads!! I have a question for you all. As most of you know, there are many of us who are heavily invested in this company. Saying that, regardless of how much DD we put in and the countless hours we’ve already put in, seeing this company in person and having it present in front of you, has a different feel, than searching stuff on google etc. Saying that, I was thinking of purchasing a ticket and flying to HK and was wondering, would anyone be down to take a trip with me or meet me in Hong Kong, so we can investigate the shit out of the company, there? As of now, it’s just an idea - nothing is set and stone, but I wouldn‘t be opposed to it, if the opportunity presents itself. Would still have to make sure I can go, but curious to see if anyone would be on board. •We would check out their addresses •Hopefully communicate with a worker or two •Maybe even see Mercer and ask him questions •Basically do the ultimate due diligence •The whole 9 yards