$MICT On the bright side, we finished above $2.00. But all jokes aside, I once again apologize for thinking that this would never go under $2.00 again. My analysis wasn’t based off of random ideas, they were educational predictions which I took everything into account, including durability, revenue stream, numbers, charts, stability etc.. but weird price actions. This does NOT change what I think about MICT at all. Extremely confident in these guys as everyone should be, regardless of lack of news at this current moment. That will change. Week is almost done and then onto the next one where we are closer to you know what. ☺️ Have a blessed day, guys. Results of our last 43 trading days, below: Green days: 24 (2 days above +10%) Even days: 2 Red days: 17 (-0.43%) (-0.44%) (-1%) (-1.25%) (-1.30%) (-1.76%) (-2.09%)(-2.11%) (-2.15%) (-3.21%) (-3.51%) (-4.02%) (-4.42%) (-5%) (-6.82%) (-6.88%) (-8.68%) Let’s keep up the great work, bulls! 💚