$MICT Just going to repost this for my friends in the UK and whoever else that hasn’t seen this. This is just my opinion. Goodnight, all.
$MICT On the record, I have nothing to hide. If there was a “fuck no” option to vote against increase in shares, that’s exactly what I would click. Both stocks that I’ve made most money in, shareholders voted “no” and stock soared +500%. Do not bail those dudes out by giving them more shares, which would put even more of a dent on the current share price. They have so many other options , why increase the share count? If they mishandle the extra shares, we are actually screwed. I would rather the share price increase organically and them doing another offering when this is at $5.00, but if we give them more shares and they don’t do with properly, this is indeed going sub $1.00. If we vote against and we win, Mercer will have absolutely no choice but to raise the share price and exceed those warrants at $2.80. That’s just my opinion. Don’t hate me.
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