$JCP I held VXRT for four months I was up 30,000 and didn't sell I was down 10,000 after not selling it. Today it skyrocketed, I tell you this because that was manipulated for a long time, JCP is far more manipulated and just as many people are kicking themselves for selling VXRT when they got either scared , frustrated or whatever, we will be too here if we choose to cut our loses. I spoke with several people today who thanked me for advising them to stay in VXRT when they were in the hole and today everyone just made big bucks I had 30,000 shares of VXRT some people had more so do the numbers 6 figures today for many of us. tomorrow I am adding more here to average down more. At some point we will be overbought at JCP and we will squeeze this SP up over at least $1, and possibly much more than that. Stay strong my friends JCP will have a victory too!
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