$JCP FAM Lets recap: The going concern sale changed to a 363 Asset Sale. Remember Going concern= BO assumes debt & contracts through Corp shares= equity. Asset purchase =0 equity unless in a combo sale. SPG and UC BO is Asset sale w/ Stalking horse! So recall Stalking horse= 1st& lowest bid, so it was a smoke screen. Now look at 1396 Motion to extend exclusivity rights. The very first sentence states "On the precipice of a going concern transaction" HMM, so JCP is asking for extension to pursue the Gong concern BO, not to shore up the SPG deal, its a red herring! Why? Factors C&E for being able to meet the motions criteria. JCP needs to show they have made progress with UC & that extra time will help this progress. Also they are showing debt as 4.9B not 8.7B they kept claiming. 1.SPG cant run JCP 2. Assets that create wealth are worth more as going concern than liquidation 3. search is 4 a going concern sale, hence stalking horse bidder. We will win extension is good. GLTA & Godspeed!
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