$OZSC And that’s why ladies and gentlemen you block or ignore @Sabby_Management He said yesterday thatOZSC today would be .12. Look where we are and gaining. He’s been wrong every time. Check his history. He said Tesla would be back down to 50$. 🤣 Why do you all give him attention anymore. He was spamming yesterday and just before market open this morning and now that he was so wrong about OZSC and Tesla he’s hiding between his moms legs. The more attention you give a troll the more he loves himself. He’s just sad and hurt and this is how he feels. I’m showing you how wrong he is so we can finally just ignore him. He will go away. Like he did when his prediction was wrong about Tesla and OZSC. Ignore him. He will hate it and cry then move on to another stock. Promise.
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