$ONTX ok so I need some help with clarification and only felons if you read the articles in “Molecular Cell” and it’s peer reviews. 1. Dr. Reddy said that Rigosertib works to block the pathway signaling. And that commercial based Rigo is what destabilizes the microtubules due to the impurities in commercial rigo. 2. However in the peer review it says that Reddy was wrong that both commercial and clinical Rigo destabilize microtubules. 3. From what I have read destabilizing microtubules and killing cancer cells is what rigosertib has been proven to do. 4. Yet onconova and Dr. Reddy are trying to disprove this? Am I missing something? I’m a big fan of this stock so I’m not trying to scare anyone off if anything I’m thinking that this drug appears to be able to work on killing cancer cells in a number of different ways so if anything I’m excited. However I just want clarification on what I’ve been reading . Thank you