@Jaden100479 first off all. all penny stock dilute. that's why they penny, until they are not. they raise chash, that's not always a bad sign. In this case they been doing it every 2.5/3 months. Direct, and at the market. This technology is the future, i like it. no position yet I want to clarify that. Watch financials are getting way better d1io3yog0oux5.cloudfront.ne... They have more cash and better margins of profit now. I would not suggest to go more that a swing with this, but is up to you of course. On technical aspect. As u can see on chart, retrace and rebound on 61.8% a great sign, and sellers are losing momentum (yellow line on bottom). I think u have great opportunity next week to catch some dips or if u already did it, wait a consolidation areound area over 1.70 to 1.90, and if its happens this could fly to 2.40 area as first target. Anything over that channel is a great sign. GL