$SOS Today is going to be interesting. 🟢 SOS’s thriving business is not Bitcoin-based. Its blockchain devs encompasses more than Bitcoin. Bright future. 🔴 Many traders entered off Bitcoin hype, not the 2021 250%+ growth projection and dev of the world’s 1st Crypto-bank 🌏 Other factors: - 40% drop. Traders looking for a bounce. - PR of DO closing expected Mon/Tues. - Bitcoin reversal/Sector🔥 and 🚀 - Digital asset bank PR = moon 🌙 - Biden stimulus —> Bitcoin may rally. - One of the cheapest blockchain plays. Opinion: Most likely not running today (would’ve been my 3rd runner in a week). Crypto-craze isn’t over; may run soon. Bullish long-term on its non-speculative business and blockchain devs. Trade accordingly 🔒💸 GLTA!
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