$DIDI think about it the bad news broke out July 6. The stock surged back up to $13.50. Fro. A los of $11:10. it doesn’t get any worse. The vulture lawyers in the United States open there class action suits to now avail to scare and push the stock lower. There hedge funds buddy that’s finance then buy the dips. Then the stock goes back up to $20 a share and all law suits are dropped Beciase they are making a killing. sonaa Wareen buffet said buy the blood in the street and Hold. I see $18 this week by Friday. It will take a keep higher than last weeks $13.50. today the stock dropped. Not Beciase of the lawsuits. But Beciase the Dow industrial dropped 1000 points. msp $BABA and $AAPL emdorsed companies strong moon.