$RECAF lol that moez paid jackass blocks anyone who refuted his nonsense so funny. If you listened to the tapes posted yesterday, moez says they pay others to put out hit pieces. and folks, As I said, fraser is not a hedge fund manager. he’s a fired social worker with no financial knowledge or experience (that’s a fact). so how did he start a hedge fund at middle age without experience? he didn’t, he writes articles for these bash and crash funds like anson and gets paid for it so they can hide their behavior. Listen to those tapes, it’s clear who’s behind this. interesting that article as well that talks about how anson’s aum magically grew from average performance. The article suggests there’s some money laundering going on as well. wouldn’t doubt it
@alpha19 that is exactly what he is doing. He outsources any risky and illegal deal. If you read the second story on him, he found some obscure real estate agent to register disneyguide website and post false information on $GNUS. Moez took millions and poor Joshua Flo from bloody Minnesota might go to jail. Not only that, to "cover his tracks" Moez never paid that real estate agent and fucker is not selling the domain for $100K. Hilarious