$HGEN using the example of insider sales curevac fact: dale's sales were registered when he could not yet know whether or not we already had the eua assumption: he was hoping we already had it possible reason: tax advantages (which I can't figure it out, or I don't care, was explained here before) fact: the legal regulation on this is such that he can't get back in right after the sale either ... like we can. the legal regulations on insider trading prohibit him from doing so. how do i know that for sure? well, there is a legal review process going on in germany right now with the curevac insider sales. there, board members sold at the same time as the stock crashed due to low effectiveness. so they are being accused of insider knowledge. the argument against this is that the development of the vaccine has been delayed and that these curevac insiders could not have known that they would (have to) sell at this low price.