@JPMcSnuffy @Stock_Slayer @katherinehampton What are we arguing about lol ? The size of your micro penis lmfao 🤣 So back to your gun fantasy, Michael Is that how you judge a person’s worth - their guns? 💪. I’ve never had anyone try and have a gun “flex off” w me before. This has my interest. Please indulge since you brought it up
@JPMcSnuffy @Stock_Slayer @katherinehampton FINE 🙄 I see your hand cannon, Dirty Mike.. but I also see your cheap shoes (small feet), cheap watch, cheap carpet and god awful cum stained plaid bed sheets. Is that a double bed 🛌 lol. Jesus Christ you really are the kid that lives in his mom’s basement. I do collect watches.. can you send a pic ?