$AMRH I maybe reading to deep into this PR, but hear me out. The devil is in the details. Why release the contract amount today..The obvious answer is, keep this over $1. However, this contract appears, imho, smaller when compared to some of the other F500 PRs in the past. If the goal was to stay above a $1 months ago, why not release the potentially larger $ amounts earlier? What harm could it do? Second, Kelton states, "...we are uniquely positioned to benefit from this secular trend as the only largely SAP solutions-focused, publicly-traded IT services company in the US." Was this a shot at their neighbor Smartsoft? A private company? Could this be a nudge for them to close the rumored deal? Or could this mean that a deal is no longer on the table and therefore AMRH can release the $ amounts at will? Keep in mind the Special Committee, 3 months now, and the debenture, just enough to keep them alive a little while without killing the float...6 month time frame. Something will give
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