@Enzan Canada's ban list is similar to the US. so what's ban there comes here next, not the other way around. laws here are no different from the US except maybe in Quebec but Canada legalize weed. so we're ahead there. and you cannot compare speech and thought with bakery or cake, or golf course. that's absolute nonsense, can't have nerds moderating the world with only popular speech and thought. you really want a world that's only group think?
@AllinCapital No, I absolutely do not want a world with nothing but group think. But you missed my point, it wasn’t about a golf course. It’s about that club having the right to enforce its own rules and whether that would constitute an infringement of individual rights & freedoms. Hell, you could get yourself banned from a nice restaurant simply by not respecting the dress code. Are we gonna cry about that being an attack on freedom? C’mon man. It’s surprising that you don’t seem to realize you’re sacrificing the right of a private sector business to operate the way it wishes when you imply that an individual shouldn’t be banned from Twitter for violating its terms of use. You are infringing on one set of rights to promote the other set.
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