$EOLS shorted shares as of settlement date of 12/31/19 were 5.7M (5,704,803 to be exact) Our overall float is: 33.97M (including around 6M offering) Institutions at 5.6M (if it stayed the same after Q4) Insiders including Alpheon own 11M Kevin Tang: 1.925M So this makes 15.445M of float unavailable So our available float is basically 18.52M shares So short float is closer to 30% If another 1M shares or so were shorted in the past few days with the high volume - let's say 6.5M That would make the most recent short float at 35% or so.. Question is if we will have any short squeeze relief before USITC updates/decisions or will they continue to add to shake people out? I honestly don't know this answer... if we win, they will get slaughtered and there will be no mercy. Otherwise they made the right bet and will be paid handsomely. For those of us who think Evolus will win the case - this is an opportunity of lifetime to double or triple your money from these levels.
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