$EOLS $RVNC I wanted to elaborate on this licensing agreement between Revance and TEOXANE. Nothing different should be expected. There is a guy named Roy Friedman (on Twitter) who has been the basher of Evolus since the beginning - he is part of Revance ONLY camp & didn't think Jeuveau would gain FDA approval (disclosure I am long Revance but smaller exposure & never thought this was a zero sum game). He was surprised TEOXANE decided to have a license agreement with Revance instead of Evolus. If he did some homework, he would know that Teoxane and Alpheon have a long history because of their licensing agreements. Teoxane is a European company & I am sure they wanted to be the one that got the rights to sell Nuceiva in Europe instead of Evolus. There is bad blood betwen Teoxane & Alpheon because of this most likely as Evolus got it instead. Why would Teoxane give the licensing agreement to Evolus? Alpheon chose Evolus overTeoxane to be the distributor of Nabota/Nuceiva in Europe.
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