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    Eric Danthony Joined Mar 12, 2012

    Equity Investor, short term/long term stock/options trader,


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      Jonathan Taylor
      Helping point out pointless things....
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      Greg The Trader
      I manage risks, then I cash in. Trade at your own risk. I post as many of my trades as I can, time permitting, but my trades are not advice.
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      Luce Richard
      I started to invest a core position in AMZN in 2008. Boy... imagine what happens since then. Yes sure I am a millionaire. You dont believe it? Your skepticism doesn't change my reality, coz I am !
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      * Professional Equities Trader * 17 years of Experience * Momentum * Short-Term Preferred/All Time Frames Utilized *** Objective is to exploit momo trading setups on shorter timeframes with managed risk for 1% - 3% daily gain
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      Breakout expert with stock options for 100% to 200% gains in 1 to 3 days is my main focus. The key is confirmation $STUDY my Video`s and Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel called PowerTarget Trades to learn more.
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      Wen Mein
      Short term investor since age 15; self made millionaire at 28; with 25 years experience trading. Finding great swing and day trades for members. Sign up on the website for a free week of chatroom access and real-time trade-ideas. DM me when there.
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      Former Portfolio Manager at Goldman Sachs Founded Hedge Fund that was acquired for $52 million. To subscribe to our members only-private twitter feed go to
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      Chess Official Account
      Stock Market Chess Player. Poker Limit Hold Grinder. Cinéaste. Licensed Attorney. Si parla italiano. My Vice: Cigars.
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      Sam son
      long/short position trader; pyramid gains/blow-out losses; allocation according to technical, psychological, fundamental analysis; hedging to reduce acct-beta.
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      Steve Platt/OptionsDayTrader77
      Founder/CEO of The #1 Options Trading Community with live chat, training, forums, and trading systems. I text my plays (open/close) live! Check us out! All my posts are MY opinion. Do your own DD when trading.
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      Max Grigoryev
      I have had 4 years of experience in investing, several internships in corporate finance in advisory and in industrial companies. I am currently working in investment banking where my role includes origination and execution of mergers and acquisition
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      $peedy Calls Official Account
      HFT OptionScanner Backtesting AlgoTrading. Follow @SpeedyCalls for the fastest EquityAlerts OptionAlerts & Market observations. Not advice or recommendations.
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      Max Pow
      Follow me to the road of wealth!
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      Twitter: @chartguys Official Account
      Technical Analysis Education & Community. Live Market Video Coverage, learn how to read charts & patterns with hundreds of like minded traders.
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      Options flow Analyst
      We use most advance software to detect biggest institutional options blocks going @ ASK,then combine it with the charts to find BEST 7-10 trades! Join -> Learn how -> GAIN! FREE TRIAL
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      OptionAlarm Trading Room
      Visit the site and Try a Free Trial to the Trading Room and Private Twitter Feed. We're a momentum room trading options of stocks that are moving. Don't waste your time w/stocks that aren't moving. Traders of all levels are welcome!!
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      Etf Guy
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      Lloyd Cox
      Home of the 1k to 250k trading challenge. Trade stocks and options with over 500 members. This is the real deal.