$YTEN Boy. Am I getting beat up on this board. For the record: 1. I continue to own a substantial amount of stock. The risk is off the charts. But then again so is the reward IF and ONLY IF YTEN can produce a monster canola number for yield increase AND Olli Peoples can somehow score a commercial deal relating to that data. 2. The biggest obstacle to scoring strong canola data is likely bad weather that occurred in the Spring. YTEN science is off the charts but you can't do what nature won't let you. The bigger obstacle is having this management team able to properly negotiate a deal if that data is strong. From a business standpoint they have yet to deliver a single commercial deal and they have made filings with the SEC promising deals that never materialize In a "real company", employees who make promises who don't deliver would be shown the door. 3. Thus far, I have substantial realized and realized losses.
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