$YTEN So Shari. This is my last reach out of the day concerning your board membership. 1. By all accounts you are really smart. 2. Here is the only concern that I heard about you. Olli's science might be so exciting that you might get swept off of your feet by it. 3. But now that you're a board member you now have a fiduciary duty to us shareholders. Remember, many of us has 90% of our investment wiped out because Olli couldn't score a deal while Lynn was posting her garbage. 4. We don't want to hear any more fantasies. We can watch "Frozen" with our kids for the 90th time if we wanted to do that. Water Filtration? Fantasy. Camelina farmers? Fantasy. 5. You need to focus on these words, "Commercialization" and "Revenues". It seems that canola is your best bet for 2020. 6. Welcome to the board. We truly hope that you can help this company--the one that other board members have been too lax upon Olli and the Power Point Queen.
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