$YTEN Again I'm asked, "Where do I see this going?" 1. Let's be clear on one item. I have ZERO insight in terms of what that data will reveal. I mean ZERO. And that data is the whole ball game. It's like going to Vegas and being asked--"How do you think you'll do if you bet red on the roulette wheel?" 2. As I've said earlier, the big concern is that they will not be able to report any usable canola data due to horrible Spring weather. I find it ominous that they did not mention canola in today's p.r. Remember, camelina is a good test crop for trials. It has ZERO commercial potential in the next 15 months. If they have only camelina data and report that as a big deal I will call Brum out for her b.s. 3. If there's no canola data that means that their only real shot on goal is the Bayer deal in 2021--unless something unexpected comes up.
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