$SPY $AAPL the # of RH's Newbies who have never traded a Bear Market Environment is astounding! Bit, it makes sense if you haven't traded the $SPY in 2020 sub $271.26 to $218.26 The most important aspect of a Bear Rally is VOLUME! Like I Always Say! YOU CAN'T HIDE VOLUME! The drop off the all time high Sept 2nd $358.75 all the way down to 319.80 by Sept 24th was on 15% increased average VOLUME. However, the rise back off $319.80 to as high as $354.02 yesterday came on over 44.9% average VOLUME! That's a Dead Give Away $319.80 to yesterday's $354.02 was was a Bear Rally! Why? Because shorts eyed up a CTTS Sequence CT3 of the 52 week former all time high $339.08 $ES_F futures made a more indentified move 3,190.75. Once key support is taken out Bears cover their shorts take profits and by covering they essentially buy back their borrowed shares and start the Bear Rally! That continues on low volume! Another key characteristic of a Bear Rally ...(cont)
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