$AMC Dear God (???s???) I do not know much for certain in this life, I have struggled with "faith" & am not a perfect soul. I DO know that this earth has a struggle or 3 for humankind and some of us have been willing to sell the others up the river. I KNOW I am ashamed and frustrated A LOT by the actions of my fellows and that by finding UNITY we find peace. I believe we are still a young species and my ONLY prayer would be that we learn to see the value in our differences and that we become LESS FEARFUL of one another. LORD, if there is anything out there to hear the cry of my soul....LET AMC SQUEEZE HARD and let there be a change to the system that lets bounty be spread amongst the people and not concentrated. Everyone does not need the same amount but they should get same chance. May this bounty only come with a sense of gratitude and love earned from teamwork...may it be a viral spread we can be proud of...