$AKBA Phony Kim and friends welcome to our board!!! All trolls and short sellers are very very welcome...Its always a good sign to see you here before a catalyst...I think you may be on to something...why don't you short it will all you ve got... I mean all you've got ...I rarely advice it but you can use margin for amplified returns...not a bad idea... Once you are ready...I want to see your position... I will show you mine. If you dont have the @@ to show it ..,you should not post on this board...We have better things to do than reading unintelligent posts decorated with creepy pictures (If thats your pic I truly apologize)
$AKBA aren’t they almost out of money and will need to issue shares to stay afloat? I mean, they don’t make a profit and negative earnings are expected (again) 🤷‍♂️
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