$ASAN "Why You Must Keep Asana on Your Watchlist" Motley Fool. Wednesday, Oct 14. fool.com/investing/2020/10/... "I mean, 87% gross margin in absolute terms is phenomenal. So, they could be profitable if they chose to, right now they are spending as much as they can to acquire customers. Given the numbers and the margins, that's a good move." "Over 82,000 customers and growing. Last quarter they added 5,000 new ones, and this includes plenty of big-name companies, such as Alphabet, New York Times, General Electric, McKesson, Uber, Harvard, Okta, Coupa, etc., etc. So, these are not all small businesses, they do have some big businesses in there." "In the case of Asana, I think that the management and the company culture is actually probably one of the strongest points in this being a watch list worthy stock for me."