$DPHC Beautiful continuation of a cup and handle breakout, followed by a bullish flag breakout, now possibly reaching a short term top at $30, which might consolidate for a while to work off the overbought RSI. Be careful if you are waiting for dip to buy though because DPHC has never dropped more than 2 days in a row since its announcement on August 3rd, so the momentum is really strong here. We don't time the market so we are holding all of our position. People who are swinging should have their downside target to buy but make sure it's reasonable and not too low. Otherwise you end up being those folks who are still waiting for the gap fill at 14.50 - 15.00 last couple of weeks :) Or we could be completely wrong and this thing continues its ride into the $30s and beyond, which it eventually will, in which case, ignore our chart :) Anything is possible with this stock, keep an open mind like we do.
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