$DPHC $SPAQ $SHLL $NKLA $WKHS We view this pullback in DPHC as being possibly the last meaningful retracement before the final leg up before the merger in October, take advantage and buy on dips. After this consolidation phase ends, you may never see DPHC in the $20s again come late September and into the final month of October. It hit our short term price target of $30 yesterday exactly and much faster than we thought. Now we are looking for our medium price target of $50 to be challenged before merger. Be patient but not too patient :)
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@LaffertyDaniel1 @ktradez @Monklife3 Sure, we are always transparent about our position because we put our money where our analysis is. We are patient investors and don't swing trade, we get in early and ride the entire way even if we do miss interim trading profits. We are in it for the home run.