From 4 years of holding $SRNE stock I see two ways ahead: (1) a gradual decline of the share price back to around $3, especially if the expected dilution occurs in the near future as the company takes advantage of the current higher share price to raise cash, or (2) a sharp rise to new highs if government financing is announced and Trump makes $SRNE's antibody his new "miracle" drug. And of course option 2 could go even higher in the long run if the "100% cure" actually delivers what SRNE CEO Ji has promised, but that will take time - for animal and then human testing. Which of these two options will occur first? Very hard to say. That is why I am glad I sold more than half of my SRNE stock during yesterday's downward spiral to take my long-term profits and protect me against option 1 but also am glad that I still have a lot of it left (at basically no cost) to take advantage of option 2 if it comes.
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