$GNOG To reinforce JohnHolliday’s comment below, if institutions weren’t loading on a daily basis then yeah maybe there would be something to worry about here... Remain focused because this is exactly how they grind retail investors out of their shares.
@Cstockbaby my brother please take this in good faith because I want this to go up as I'm heavily invested in this company both shares and options...but if it's being bought up by institutions at an high rate and they are holding, why does the stock continue to fall daily? My opinion is they are shorting the hell out this stock that's why it continues to fall
@Yungked @Cstockbaby Yung, This guy literally has no idea what he’s talking about. GNOG operates in two states in the entire world.Literally every other online gaming company is up 100+% over the last six months while GNOG is up 17%. Your money will exponentially increase with even the common names, DKNG, GAN, GMBL, etc etc etc. He’s a retailer pumper, follow the big money. All of the GNOG pumpers will say it’s profitable and institutions are investing. The largest institution is SHORT GNOG.