Your Right! I had TSNP at .01 and sold for .03. Not a day that I don’t regret my foolish decision . I have $MINE , $AITX and $HCMC. Those are my surprise stocks. I’m leaving them be....
People became Millionaires with $ZOM and $TSNP . Is very sad that weak minds got brain wash to sell by the bashers constantly putting fears in their mind. I believe whatever happens with $MINE or $HCMC this will be life changing but only for people that have trust in their investment intuition. This is otc , is not perfect but it can parabolic from 0 to 100 mph in a week or even in a 3 months. So don't be playing footsies with your investment. I been in the game too long to say 100% of day traders, short sellers get burned and chase all the time. They think shorting for peanuts will make them Millionaires. As i said before, don't let them lead you to failure. This year is when an average joe can have a chance to be a Millionaire only if you trust your Confidence. The minute you second guess your intution you lost the Game.😎 $PPJE
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